Hydrographic survey has been at the core of the business since establishment in 1997, and remains fundamental to our day to day operations.

We have invested heavily in vessels, hardware and software to ensure we are at the forefront of the industry in this field. 

Hydrographic surveys are traditionally performed to support the safe navigation of vessels. Ports and harbours commonly have dredged channels which over time are subject to siltation, reducing the water depth and impacting upon the berthing safety of larger vessels. Increasing volumes of offshore activity resulting from the offshore wind industry also require suitable base ports, incentivising development and expansion. Our services in this area are also applicable to coastal mapping and monitoring activities, including studies into Marine Conservation Zones and Sites of Special Scientific Interest. The company owns a number of vessels specifically designed for working in the extreme shallows, and we operate specialist shallow water survey systems capable of achieving and in many cases exceeding the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) Special Publication S-44 Order 1a standard.

We own and operate various multibeam systems from industry leading suppliers, with Bibby Athena benefitting from a full rate dual head RESON multibeam to maximise efficiency on site. We work closely with clients to ensure the acquired data fulfils the project specifications. Further information on our survey services can be found here.