Bibby HydroMap has worked extensively within the European Offshore Renewables industry for over a decade. Our experienced personnel, diverse fleet and advanced equipment combine to provide the expertise and resource required for success on the most environmentally challenging of sites.

We provide survey services throughout the entire lifecycle of the project, including initial site surveys, UXO surveys, geotechnical sampling and cable depth of burial surveys. Our experience within the industry is among the highest in Europe. We have acquired over 60,000 line km of Offshore Wind geophysics since 2001, and this sector now accounts for around 60% of our business. To manage this growth we have proactively sought to diversify our offering, creating real efficiency gains for clients. Commonly constructed in complex and challenging environments, the success of offshore renewable developments relies upon, amongst other things, an accurate and comprehensive understanding of the geology and general site conditions.

Quality data is an investment

Investing in high quality survey data in the initial planning phases not only makes sense in terms of enabling effective project planning but is also financially advantageous, leading to real cost-efficiencies as the need for reinvestigation can be virtually eliminated prior to the development phase. Reliable data benefits a multitude of stakeholders and contractors dealing with deep geotechnical and structural engineering, shallow cabling engineering, environmental consenting as well as informing life-long operation and maintenance planning.

Tailored services for complex projects

Bibby HydroMap understand the importance of ensuring a timely delivery of precisely positioned, accurately interpreted data for complex projects. We use internationally recognised and proven methods and equipment to achieve exceptional data quality while maximising efficiency. The experience and diversification of our team, vessels and equipment allow us to offer a variety of survey and mapping services. Whilst the core of our expertise lies within hydrographic & geophysical survey, we have built upon these competencies to include geotechnical sampling, oceanographic and environmental studies, land and intertidal survey, ROV inspection, laser verticality analysis, in addition to desktop studies and GIS/CAD services. This development has been a pro-active response to the variety of client requirements encountered over 15 years of operation, and we are confident we can provide a suitable proposal for the majority of projects.