Bibby HydroMap has over 15 years' experience in working with utility companies, and offers a variety of services related to electricity, gas and water providers.

Bibby HydroMap are experienced in offering pre and post-installation pipeline and cable related services. Pre-installation, we use various acoustic and obtrusive methods to find the safest and most economical route to shore, with the least environmental impact. This involves the acquisition of multibeam bathymetry, side scan sonar data, shallow seismic and visual data, as well as the collection of seabed grab and geotechnical samples if required.

Post-installation, we use similar methods to accurately and cost-effectively assess movement to the seabed which could impact upon the horizontal and vertical position of the cable or pipeline. Cable or pipeline trackers, or when appropriate, seismic data, are used to determine the depth of burial and assess any deviation from the target depth of burial. Our new d'ROP remote survey platform is ideally-suited to cable and pipeline depth of burial surveying. 

We are confident we can provide a competitive proposal for even the smallest of projects.