Annual Pipeline Inspection

Bibby HydroMap were commissioned in 2011 to carry out an Annual Pipeline Inspection (API) within the Morecambe Bay gas field.

The survey area is located approximately 35 km offshore to the west of Fleetwood, Lancashire.

The combined fields cover an area of just over 700 km2, with three routes feeding back to shore at Walney Island near Barrow. Due to extended weather interference during the life of the survey, operations were completed over four distinct periods and using two survey vessels alternately, Freja and Bibby Tethra.

The main objectives of the survey were as follows:

  • A full sonar and seabed survey on the platforms, subsea pipelines, umbilicals and power cables in the fields within the East Irish Sea Offshore Field infrastructure, located in Morecambe Bay
  • To survey critical locations within the Morecambe Bay gas field

The platforms were surveyed with 50m line spacing, with lines orientated with the prevailing current for optimum side scan sonar coverage. The pipeline and cable routes were mapped with wing-lines set variously at 20m, 25m or 50m offset from the asset, dependent on water depth and asset type. Water depths encountered on the survey area went from the shallows at the pipeline landing site on Walney Island to typically around 35m in the main fields.

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