Bathymetric Survey

Bibby HydroMap were commissioned in 2012 to carry out a swathe bathymetry survey across a dredging area off the coast of Lincolnshire.

Bibby HydroMap's own dedicated survey vessel Chartwell was utilised throughout the survey period.

Primary positioning was provided by an Applanix POS MV 320 Inertial Navigation System (INS), with secondary positioning provided by a C-NAV 2050 dGPS. In order to calibrate the navigation systems, the C-NAV 2050 dGPS receiver was removed and placed over an Ordnance Survey Passive GPS station at Palm Bay, Margate. A RESON SeaBat 7101 high resolution multibeam echosounder system was used to collect a high density bathymetry data set within the survey area.  Survey lines were run in a northwest/southeast direction; in order to achieve complete coverage of the seabed within the survey area a line spacing of 65m was selected.

The information gathered from the survey was used to produce:

  • Reduced and contoured bathymetry on a 1:10,000 scale plan chart;
  • A shaded relief bathymetry image chart;
  • XYZ text file of bathymetry;
  • An operational and factual report of survey activities and results

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