Christchurch Bay Multi-channel Seismic Survey

Bibby HydroMap were commissioned to carry out a Multi-Channel Seismic survey in Christchurch Bay. The main objective of the survey was to provide the Client with high resolution Multi-Channel seismic data along ten supplied runlines.

The survey area was located within Christchurch Bay, with survey lines extending from Mudeford, in the West, to Hurst Point, in the West, a distance approximately 10km.  Survey lines extended offshore to Christchurch Ledge and Dolphin Bank, approximately 7km from the shore.

Water depths within the Bay range for 0m to 21m below Chart datum with strong tidal conditions through the Needles Channel in the West. The Shingles are highly mobile, which made sections of the survey lines inaccessible in this area.  During survey operations fishing gear was present despite the client clearing some areas, making survey operations and vessel manoeuvres difficult.  Christchurch Bay is also popular with recreational sailors and watersports enthusiasts with a fixed markers and buoyage in the area.  All of these obstructions, the closeness to shore and the shallow water depths made data acquisition challenging and parts of each survey lines inaccessible.

Data acquisition was undertaken from a Chartered shallow drafted Multicat, Willsupply, operated by Williams Shipping.  The vessel was mobilised at Southampton Docks with High Resolution Multi Channel Seismic systems and navigational equipment.  The seismic equipment comprised of a 210in3 GI airgun, a pair of high pressure air compressors and a 1000m long 72 channel Streamer.  Navigation was provided by a Veripos LD7, SATPOS Citius Tail Buoy positioning system interfaced to QPS QINSy Navigation Software Package.

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