Highlands and Islands Cable Route Survey

The survey area comprised of twenty separate locations to provide information for route development for broadband fibre-optic cable installation.

The main objectives of the survey were as follows:

  • To acquire side scan sonar, multibeam echo sounder and sub-bottom profiles to assist with cable route development.
  • Confirm locations of existing cable crossings utilising magnetometer data.
  • Undertake a topographic survey of the beach landings.
  • Undertake a video and hydrographic survey at the interface between the marine and land survey areas.

Bibby HydroMap employed a wide range of vessels, from our RIB through to our dedicated survey vessels Lia, Proteus and Bibby Tethra, which were utilised on a 12/24 hour basis for the duration of the survey works.  Each vessel carried out her own unique task from intertidal work with the RIB to inshore work with Lia and Proteus and shallow water Geophysics with Bibby Tethra. The geotechnical work was completed along each route using our vibrocore and CPT system.

Each route was unique and lengths ranged from less than 1km through to 76km. A 500m survey corridor was required on each route to enable route development to take place if obstacles were found along the preferred course

Bibby HydroMap provided a seamless dataset between the BT manholes, through challenging terrain and working environments such as; very strong currents, submerged rock islands & ridges and extreme shallows. The remoteness of many of the sites made operations, planning and scheduling even more interesting than usual.

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