Geophysical Survey

Bibby HydroMap were commissioned in 2012 to undertake geophysical surveys at three sites within the Owers Bank dredging area.

The Owers Bank dredging area lies approximately 8 nautical miles offshore Littlehampton on the south coast of England, UK. 

The sites surveyed are located within this licensed dredging area and are referred to as Sub-area B, Sub-area E and Sub-area F.   Water depths in the survey areas range from 20m to 40m below LAT.

The main objective of the survey was to provide geophysical datasets that comprised:

  • Seabed bathymetry using multibeam sonar
  • Sonar seabed imagery using side scan sonar
  • Sub-bottom shallow soil profiles using continuous sub-bottom profiler

Bibby HydroMap's own dedicated survey vessel, MV Chartwell was utilised throughout the survey period. Data acquisition comprised simultaneous recording of Reson 7101 multibeam echo sounder, Klein 3000 high resolution side scan sonar data and ‘Boomer’ sub bottom profiler.

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