Wave Hub Geophysical Survey

Wave Hub is a subsea electrical grid connection point located approximately 10 nautical miles (16km) off the north coast of Cornwall. Wave Hub has been designed for testing wave energy devices, providing a well-defined and monitored site with electrical connection to the onshore electricity grid.

The principal purpose of the offshore operations was to undertake a high resolution bathymetric and geophysical survey of Berth 4 and provide Wave Hub with an interpreted report and charts that will allow the specification and scope for a geotechnical campaign during the summer of 2013. The MV Chartwell was utilised on a 24 hour basis for the duration of the survey works.  Chartwell is a mono-hull survey vessel, ideally suited to sites of this nature.  The vessel has dimensions of 26.5m by 5.8m and a draft of 2.2m, providing an efficient and stable working platform.  The choice of main engines enables the vessel to cruise comfortably and economically at 12 knots.  MV Chartwell, was equipped with a multibeam echo sounder, side scan sonar and Pinger and Sparker sub-bottom profilers. 

Vessel positioning was achieved via a primary C-NAV 2050 system, receiving RTG corrections and a secondary Leica 1200 system receiving RTK corrections. Each berth was surveyed with a main line spacing of 40m and cross-lines spaced at 100m.  The line spacing was chosen to achieve high density shallow soils coverage with the Pinger and Sparker sub-bottom profilers, as well as high resolution coverage with the multibeam echo sounder and side scan sonar.  A total of 24 main lines and 19 cross lines were run per berth.

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