Bibby HydroMap equips inshore vessel Proteus with Full Rate Dual Head Teledyne RESON T20-P

Posted 25 July 2016

As part of our systems upgrade programme, coastal survey vessel Proteus is to receive a Full Rate Dual Head RESON T20-P multibeam echo sounder

The T20-P is a highly portable multibeam echo sounder designed for smaller vessels, and features a range of features ideally suited to high quality shallow water data acquisition.With an operating frequency of 200-400kHz, the T20-P is comparable in features to the popular SeaBat 7125 system, with a configurable beamformer, high-density beams with multiple detection capabilities, water-column and intelligent automation; making the unit a versatile solution.

Despite being compact, the new SeaBat T20-P is reliable and highly robust, designed to withstand the most challenging marine environments. This, in addition to the dual receiver setup providing up to 10x water depth coverage, greatly improves survey efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 

Principal Surveyor Tom Davenport comments: “Installing the Dual Head T20-P system on an inshore vessel will increase productivity and deliver reduced operational times, especially in the challenging shallow water sites we often face.” 

T20-P Multidetect data from MV Proteus

Designed to provide an excellent working platform for coastal survey operations, MV Proteus can work up to 60 miles from a safe haven under MCA Category 2 and has a maximum speed of 24 knots. The vessel benefits from a shallow draft of just 1.0m making her ideal for inshore operations, while the hull design ensures exceptional manoeuvrability at both low and high speeds and incorporates a low drag profile providing excellent fuel economy.

MV Proteus

 The addition of the dual-head system is part of a wider cost-efficiency campaign for Bibby HydroMap, which has key actions including:

  • Launch of dedicated survey ROV d’ROP, providing the capability of a semi-workclass ROV without additional expense;
  • Installation of a Kongsberg EM2040-4 on Bibby Tethra.
  • Installation of Full Rate Dual Head Teledyne RESON 7125SV2 multibeam echosounder system on Bibby Athena comprising of two independent units spaced at 8m, providing coverage of around 10x water depth; and
  • Adoption of QPS Qimera, streamlining hydrographic data processing workflow.

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