Bibby HydroMap highlights excellent HSE performance so far in 2018

Posted 26 July 2018

Bibby HydroMap celebrates successful HSE performance so far in 2018

Health and safety is a top priority within the business and we are pleased to see that our continuous efforts have resulted in improvements across the board.

We entered Q1 of 2018 with fresh results from a “Workforce Engagement Survey” which was conducted in the latter part of 2017.

Workforce Engagement is where everyone actively participates in the management and improvement of safety and when involved and engaged everyone should feel united as a team with a shared goal. As an organisation we looked at what type of culture we currently had, where we sat on the maturity level and ultimately what we could do to enhance what we already have. We identified some areas of improvement which included regular management site visits; initiatives based on lessons learned; and workshops and seminars promoting a variety of safety matters.

The results to date have been encouraging, through an intense half year they have shown signs of immediate impact. Man hours at the end of Q2 were higher than that of total cumulative hours for 2017 and the leading indicator reports have also increased with results showing an increased average of more than double that of the previous year.



As man hours have increased naturally this lead to an organic increase in the number of observations being reported, this enables the business to respond quickly and effectively to current issues being observed, and put in place measures to reduce future risk.


Total Recordable Case Frequency (TRCF) has remained at a constant “0” throughout the year to date, whilst our incident reporting frequency is on the decrease.

While the level of severity of incidents being reported are minimal, areas where incidents occurred can be generally categorised into four different areas.




Bibby HydroMap have put a lot of emphasis and importance on HSE and developing on all the processes and procedures in place, the overall results show the success of these improvements.

There will be a continued focus on the engagement of the workforce throughout the rest of 2018 and a follow-up survey to gauge improvement is scheduled to be conducted in 2019.