Bibby HydroMap - Leadership Training at HMS COLLINGWOOD

Posted 14 December 2018

Leadership training at HMS COLLINGWOOD

Recently Bibby HydroMap put some of its colleagues through their paces at HMS COLLINGWOOD, Royal Naval Leadership Academy; where 15 individuals undertook a day of unique and intensive Naval Leadership training, certainly different to anything they’d experienced before!

HMS COLLINGWOOD is the Royal Navy's largest training establishment and the biggest Naval training organisation in Western Europe. It is the headquarters of the Maritime Warfare School and Surface Stream, delivering training in Warfare and Weapon Engineering and has lodger units, including the Royal Navy Leadership Academy, Maritime Warfare Centre and Fleet Intelligence Centre.

The purpose of the day was to develop leadership attributes and effective team membership through military Command, Leadership and Management discussions and activities. Various outdoor PLT’s (Practical Leadership Tasks) were conducted and delivered within a coaching environment where individuals and teams are asked to examine their performance, mindset and decision-making processes.

The group was split into two teams who worked together to complete the tasks. The activities were all specially designed to help develop the following skills:

  • Team building and working better together
  • Dynamic leadership
  • Effective delegation
  • Effective communication
  • Confident decision making

The day was suitably rounded off with a team ‘de-brief’ on the activities over a meal and a well-earned drink or two! (Spot the trick photography…..)


"This was a fantastic opportunity for HydroMap to experience leadership training delivered by military experts. It was a fun and unique experience for all who participated but importantly, they all took away valuable lessons in communication and teamwork which will help develop them as leaders within the business."  Mick Slater, Operations Director