Bibby HydroMap nominated for Innovation award at Mersey Maritime Awards 2020

Posted 23 January 2020

Bibby HydroMap are delighted to be a finalist for the Mersey Maritime Awards, our submission focussed on 'Digital Twins' of UK port estates & the future of asset management. Bibby HydroMap have been involved in a large project to help model the entire port estate of a significant North West Port which demonstrates how asset integrity management can be assisted through 3D modelling across the wider UK port community.

Using the specialist survey vessel Pulsar, accurate, georeferenced 3D data of port estate assets was gathered both above and below the water line. We were able to create a digital twin (digital replica of the port) from the seabed, up port walls and within suspended quays, around locks and caissons, over onto the port quayside, and even including port infrastructure such as cranes, estate buildings and storage facilities.

This technique utilised equipment such as the multibeam echosounder, dynamic high frequency scanning sonar, laser scanning and photogrammetry, all georeferenced in real time from the vessels inertial navigation systems and GNSS positioning. The port was surveyed in its entirety in just a few days.

Before the development of these techniques, traditional methods of inspecting and mapping port and harbour estates were completed by methods such as diver surveys, traditional land survey and associated cartography, independent hydrographic surveys which covered the seabed in isolation, and static scanning surveys from cranes. These techniques only allow for a small portion of the estate to be mapped at once, with poor resolution and accuracy and with no ideal way to combine these individual datasets to allow for efficient and seamless asset management.

This use of Pulsar for inshore asset inspection modelling has allowed us to form a highly skilled team of marine staff, surveyors and data processors to support the sector and drive its growth.

Bibby HydroMap’s Pulsar has been a major achievement in innovation, creating the first digital twin of an entire port estate for a key UK port authority in the North West.


Mersey Maritime’s prestigious awards saw more than over one hundred submissions and a record number of applicants this year.

The award ceremony takes place on Friday 6th March at St Georges Hall, Liverpool.