Bibby HydroMap Strengthens UXO Survey Offering

Posted 8 August 2016

Bibby HydroMap have recently secured the purchase of two EIVA ScanFish ROTVs

The EIVA ScanFish Katria is an intelligent wide-sweep Remotely Operated Towed Vehicle (ROTV) solution accommodating 4 magnetometers on a 5m fixed wing enabling a wider coverage along each survey line, increasing survey efficiency without compromising the quality of data.

Bibby HydroMap have recently explored the simultaneous deployment of multiple systems, providing a coverage of up to 25m along a single survey line. This not only significantly reduces the overall survey duration, but also the associated weather exposure, delivering considerable cost saving to the client. The towed configuration can be deployed from either of Bibby HydroMap’s 27.5m DP1 catamarans Bibby Tethra and Bibby Athena and is currently operating in the Southern North Sea with a project in Northern Europe to follow. The success of the towed configuration has reaffirmed the decision to purchase the equipment and has strengthened their competitiveness in the UXO survey sector.

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