Bibby HydroMap's Will Frisk treks across Iceland to help fundraise for RNLI

Posted 14 August 2019

Giving Something Back - charity trek across Iceland

The Bibby Line Group aim to raise over £20,000 for over 30 various charities across the Group businesses. Bibby HydroMap's Will Frisk was one of the participants taking on this fundraising challenge.

A total of 15 Bibby Line Group colleagues took part in the recent Icelandic trekking expedition over a 4-day period covering over 55 km of changing landscapes and challenging terrain, at the same time enjoying some wonderful and breath-taking scenery along the way. Even managing to have some relaxation time to experience the many wonder of Iceland including its many natural hot springs.

 “Throughout the entire 4-day trek we were completely relying on fitness, however it was all too easy to become blinkered when things were getting difficult and not take a few seconds to stop and look at the amazing surroundings and vistas; breath-taking is an understatement. Having spent 4 full days with people that I would never have otherwise meet, I can honestly say that through teamwork and collective perseverance, we have all emerged as very good friends. Most importantly however, we raised a substantial amount of money for some very important charities.”

Link to Will's donation page can be found below:

Icelandic Trek:

Iceland being a very volcanic country, the trek consisted of hiking over a wide variety of topography which ranged from the surface of the Moon, to a scene from Lord of the Rings to the Rocky Mountains all within the space of several miles.

The group were fully immersed in the irregular landscape of Iceland from traversing glaciers, crossing freezing cold rivers and sliding down dusty mountains with fairly little control, whilst ending each day camping in various parts of southern Iceland. On the penultimate day of the trip, they made a final push to the finish line in Thorsmörk shadowed by some of the country’s largest glaciers.

Everyone who participated had an amazing time, with wonderful memories to share.

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution

Will learnt to sail from an early age and spent most of his career onboard a wide variety of vessels whether it be deep-sea commercial vessels, survey vessels or pleasure craft and regularly heard Mayday calls (and even assisting the RNLI with aiding a sinking vessel near Salcombe), he can testify that the volunteers who pick up their pager and head out into the unknown, whatever the conditions, are well worthy of our support. Click here to find out more: RNIL




About Bibby Line Group and The Giving Something Back Programme

We are passionate about making positive contributions to the communities we operate in. Since 2007, Bibby Line Group and its employees have donated over £10million and thousands of volunteering hours to over 1,000 charitable causes as part of our Giving Something Back Programme.

By working together, we can do the right thing.