Bibby HydroMap's Will Frisk Fundraising for the RNLI & the North West Cancer Research Centre (copy)

Posted 28 May 2019

Giving Something Back charity Snowdon Moonlight Trek

This year’s Bibby Line Group Giving Something Back Event will be taking place overnight on the 1st June as the Snowdon Moonlight Trek. 29 Bibby Group colleagues will summit the highest mountain in England and Wales throughout the night! Trekking Mt Snowdon (1,085m) during the day time is a great challenge, but by using torches to light our way and having the moon as our back drop, summating at night brings another sense of achievement to an already recognised trek.

The aim is to raise over £7,500 for over 30 various charities across the board.


Bibby HydroMap's Will Frisk is a one of participants taking on this challenge. In his own words Will shares why he's taking part:

'Having been an active person and supported various charities throughout my endeavours in the past, mainly through the Ocean Youth Trust, I felt that Bibby Line Group’s Giving Something Back programme was an excellent opportunity to engage in something new, and to support charities in constant need of the public’s generosity, as well as to continue my love of the outdoors. Having walked Snowdon several times in the past during daylight in varying weather conditions, a night-time trek would add an additional challenge!' 

In addition to the night-time expedition on Snowdon, Will is also doing a trek across Iceland in August in aid of the RNLI. The charities he has chosen to support for this adventure are the North West Cancer Research Centre and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. 

Links to Will's donation pages can be found below:

Snowdon Trek:

Icelandic Trek:

The North West Cancer Research Centre

Will's interest in supporting this charity was sparked by his partner, Dr Laura Bennett, who has been funded by the centre in order to conduct her continuing research into a novel protein that helps to repair DNA and provide a new target for anti-cancer therapies. Having heard about and witnessed the hard work that has been put into her research to date, as well as in fund-raising in charity-organised events across the North West. Click here to find out more:


The Royal National Lifeboat Institution

Will learnt to sail from an early age and spent most of his career onboard a wide variety of vessels whether it be deep-sea commercial vessels, survey vessels or pleasure craft and regularly heard Mayday calls (and even assisting the RNLI with aiding a sinking vessel near Salcombe), he can testify that the volunteers who pick up their pager and head out into the unknown, whatever the conditions, are well worthy of our support. Click here to find out more: RNIL




About Bibby Line Group and The Giving Something Back Programme

We are passionate about making positive contributions to the communities we operate in. Since 2007, Bibby Line Group and its employees have donated over £10million and thousands of volunteering hours to over 1,000 charitable causes as part of our Giving Something Back Programme.

By working together, we can do the right thing.