Investment Update

Posted 6 October 2010

Osiris Projects have continued to invest in the latest technology and 2010 has seen a Reson 7101, Reson 7125 SV, Applanix POS MV 320, Sonardyne Scout USBL (x2), GeoResouces GeoSpark, Applied Acoustics Engineering CSP1200D, Geometrics G882 Marine Magnetometer, CODA DA2000, C-Nav 3050 dGPS, Leica GX1230+ GNSS SMARTNET RTK, all added to the already extensive list of equipment owned by Osiris Projects. Continual software investment in the latest CODA products, QPS QINSy and OASIS UXO Detect software, coupled with equipment and major vessel investment, has ensured that we continue to offer a high level of service and product delivery to our extensive client base.