New IT Systems

Posted 8 June 2010

These upgrades have involved migrating client data to a series of brand new, top of the range DELL PowerEdge and PowerVault servers, providing a massive 70 terabytes of dedicated storage to ensure the company has ample space to store the exponentially increasing amount of data collected on a daily basis.

This storage, coupled with an additional 48 terabytes of space dedicated to archiving of older data combined with additional off-site storage solutions from Data Robotics and QNAP, provides multiple redundancy in the event that any one system fails and enables us to restore data in a matter of minutes should the need arise.

To make the most of these new high-speed storage systems, the office has been wired throughout with 98 dedicated Cat6 gigabit network cables, individually routed from each workstation to two DELL PowerConnect Layer 3 Managed switches, which balance the workload between the servers automatically.

To compliment this new IT rollout, high speed broadband has been installed with more than four times the capacity of the previous BT system, in addition to a dedicated Voice over IP telephone system set up that runs throughout the building.

Safeguarding this new investment are brand new air conditioning and environmental monitoring systems in our server room, designed to keep conditions optimal for the equipment and alert technicians immediately to any unwanted changes in temperature or humidity.

DELL Hardware Specifications:

  • 1x DELL PowerEdge R710 Microsoft Exchange dedicated email server with 2x 300gb 15,000RPM SAS hard disks totalling 600gb of email storage.
  • 3 x Dell PowerVault MD1200’s for processed contract data comprising 12 x 600gb 15,000RPM SAS hard disks totalling 7.2 terabytes per unit.
  • 2 x Dell PowerVault MD1200’s for raw site data comprising 12 x 2tb 7200 RPM SAS hard disks totalling 24tb per box.
  • 2 x DELL PowerVault MD1200’s for archived data comprising 12x 2tb 7200 RPM SATA hard disks totalling 24tb per box.
  • 2 x Dell PowerConnect 6248 Layer 3 Managed switches.