Osiris Projects takes ownership of a Datem 5000 CPT to develop their geotechnical capability

Posted 23 March 2014

As part of the company’s geotechnical department development, Osiris Projects have taken ownership of a Datem 5000 CPT system.

After a number of years’ experience in geotechnical sampling on a subcontractor basis, the company has taken the strategic decision to bring this expertise in-house to complement the company’s core capability of hydrography and marine geophysics.

Osiris Projects have used both the Datem 5000 and the smaller 3000 system for numerous projects around the UK, and are really pleased to have the Datem unit. The industry-leading system allows up to 20m in push depth with a maximum thrust of up to 3500kg in up to 3000m of water. The system can be mobilised to a variety of vessels depending upon the nature of the project including thier flagship Bibby Tethra, her sister ship currently under construction 'Bibby Athena', and the vessel on long term charter, Neptune.

Osiris Projects’ geotechnical capability has been strengthened with the appointment of Stuart Tate as Geotechnical Engineering Manager, with Aaron Feild as Geotechnical Engineer and Rob Cummings as Geotechnical Operator. This brings a wealth of experience to the company.

On the planned growth of the geotechnical department Stuart comments “The new Datem unit along with our Vibrocore and Piston core systems forms the first part of a move towards a streamlined, multi-disciplined approach. This has been evident from our client requirements and market demand, and our goal is to incorporate geotechnical services into our main offering to achieve further efficiencies on site and reduce end-cost.”