Bibby HydroMap presenting at Shallow Survey 2018, St. John's, NL, Canada

Event 1-3 October 2018 Posted 26 September 2018

Bibby HydroMap will be presenting at Shallow Survey on Monday 1 October 2018 at 9.00am at the Delta Hotel and Conference Centre



Tom Davenport, our Operations Manager, and Michael King, our Business Development Manager, will be presenting on the topic of “DriX – the future of hydrographic survey”.

With the requirement for seabed data ever-increasing in both the academic and commercial space, the importance of improving the tools we use to meet demand has never been more important. The expectation that survey data is collected faster (whilst simultaneously costing less) has prompted Bibby HydroMap Limited to invest in iXBlue’s new autonomous survey solution – DriX.

Bibby HydroMap are pleased to present data examples from current projects, alongside detailed information about the innovative technical solutions DriX provides to counteract traditional limitations of other ASV’s, future-proofing the concept.  With testing and development already underway for the next iteration of DriX, it will not be long before BHL are able to offer autonomous acquisition of other hydrographic and geophysical datasets from fixed or towfish sensors, continuing to exceed current expectations.



DriX: the 8-metre Autonomous Unmanned Survey Vessel (AUSV) developed by iXblue

Designed to provide a true extension of survey capability from shallow and inshore waters to a full offshore environment, DriX is a new breed of AUSV that is the first autonomous survey platform to truly rival the performance of a traditional survey vessels.

The versatile system has the ability to accommodate a hydrographic and geophysical survey payload and to aid positioning of underwater vehicles, facilitating data collection on a variety of marine projects.


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