Benthic and Environmental

Bibby HydroMap provide various benthic and environmental services to complement the core acoustic offering

Bibby HydroMap maintains close links with specialist environmental consultants and suitably accredited environmental laboratories in order to provide a complete data analysis and reporting service to our clients. A range of survey techniques are used to ensure all marine habitat types present are adequately surveyed, and any Annex I habitat identified.

Bibby HydroMap, working in conjunction with close partners Benthic Solutions Limited, can offer a wide range of environmental services, all of which can be adapted to a variety of survey requirements.

We have a proven track record of performing benthic and environmental surveys using grab sampling, video and photography techniques. Sampling methodologies are tailored to meet the survey requirements and are adapted to the sediment conditions anticipated on each site. We have access to a variety of different camera systems which are deployed from Benthic Solution’s epibenthic sled configuration, which allows for operations over a number of different sediment types and in varying water depths, ranging from the very shallow through to full ocean depth.

During sampling operations, on-board testing and appraisal can be conducted, ahead of further benthic analysis of samples onshore. Physico-chemical analyses can be undertaken on the acquired samples using a combination of Benthic Solutions in-house and sub-contracted services. All physico-chemical analyses are undertaken in accordance with international and/or best practice specifications and can be adapted depending on individual client needs.