Data Processing and Reporting

Bibby HydroMap strongly believes that concise and high-quality reporting is key to providing the client with the accurate data they need to make the right project decisions

Timely provision of key deliverables is paramount in achieving a successful working relationship with the various stakeholders involved, especially within a large, multi-disciplined project, where the geophysical data is used to inform, before progression to the next phase of the project.

Core Analysis & Presentation Software:

  • QPS QINSy & Qimera
  • CODA Survey Engine
  • Fledermaus
  • Surfer
  • Trimble Terramodel
  • Oasis Montaj (including UXO detect)
  • Bentley MicroStation
  • ArcGIS
  • Global Mapper
  • SonarWiz
  • IHS Kingdom

Offshore and Office Processing

The management of data acquired is typically coordinated by the allocated Project Lead, who liaises closely with the vessel Party Chief, Project Manager and nominated client contacts to ensure the process is smooth from acquisition to delivery. For the majority of projects, the main interpretation and reporting phase takes place in our head office in Bromborough, although advances in technology has enabled a larger portion to be performed offshore, particularly on our 24hr vessels. Software used offshore and back in the office is closely aligned to ensure the quality of interpretation and improve efficiency. 

Bibby HydroMap is experienced in using various systems from all leading providers including QPS, ESRI ArcGIS, EIVA, Coda Octopus and SonarWiz, although we are able to work closely with clients if there are specific format requirements.

Report Production and QC

We produce interpretive reports, charts and other deliverables using either digital formats or printed media, with all data acquired subject to thorough quality assurance throughout the process as is defined and audited as part of our ISO9001 accreditation.

After processing and QC, the final data is collated and presented on a series of alignment or north-up charts, using the latest versions of Autodesk AutoCAD or Bentley MicroStation, or a combination of the two.  Page size and charting scales can be defined by the client, or decided by the CAD department, based on the survey area and the data to be displayed.  The standard delivery of the charts is in Adobe PDF format; however, DWGs can also be provided, upon request.

ESRI ArcGIS software is used to create and/or collate digital survey data.  Shapefiles with attributes, can be created to show listings, features and boundaries, and projection files produced for appropriate datasets.  XML files can also be generated, to provide additional information. 

Data Security

Continuous investment in IT ensures that the company is equipped with the very latest sophisticated computer workstations, fast 10 Gigabit networking and over 200 Terabytes of secure data storage capacity. This supports data processing and presentation to the highest practicable resolution. Our data back-up system includes a dedicated fibre link network connection to an independent data centre, this duplicated server also forms part of the company’s disaster recovery procedure.

Our IT infrastructure and data management systems are secured using a multi-step security system. Bibby HydroMap use a high-end router for all web-based traffic which has in built security and firewall, including the capability to flag up and block multi access attempts deemed to be an unsecure user. The hardware employs a Windows Server operating system which has its own advance security firewall system as well as antivirus and anti-malware. All user access is password protected.

We have implemented a Unified Threat Management (UTM) device on all our vessels throughout 2017. This UTM device allows us to monitor and manage security-related applications and infrastructure components through a single management console for web usage enforcement and management. This is to ensure the onboard networks and infrastructure are secure and to prioritise business usage over personal usage (capped usage limits are now in effect for personal browsing) to achieve maximum efficiency onboard.

Data Transfer and Management

As the volume of both data acquired and offshore processing increases, as does the requirement for efficient, secure data transfer and management services. Using a range of technologies, Bibby HydroMap offers various solutions to best meet client requirements, including GIS hosting, Office 365 and our own FTP. We have taken steps to improve connectivity offshore, increasing the options available for storage and transfer of data, as well as offshore to onshore communication. This technology enables us to upload prelim results and reports or it can be used for the transfer of Draft and Final reports as well as any raw data transfer associated with the reporting.