Pipeline Survey and Inspection

Pipeline survey and inspection is central to our offering

Bibby HydroMap provide a range of vessel based, ROV, AUV and ROTV services in this area, utilising the latest high-specification sensors and equipment from industry leading suppliers, including Kongsberg, Teledyne and Saab.

Our 27.5m 24hr catamarans Bibby Athena and Bibby Tethra are ideally suited to pipeline inspection surveying, providing a capable, cost-effective alternative to larger, offshore vessels. Both vessels are permenantly mobilised with dual head multibeam systems. Bibby Athena is equipped with a full-rate dual head Teledyne Reson T50-P whislt Bibby Tethra is equipped with a dual head Kongsberg EM2040-4. 

Other survey equipment includes high-resolution side scan sonar, various sub-bottom profilers and magnetometer array options.

Remote pipeline inspection is offered in-house from our newly launched remote survey platform d’ROP, designed for superior performance in dynamic coastal environments in comparison to observation and small work-class ROVs. d'ROP offers a range of survey and inspection services including depth of burial surveying, visual inspection, and with further development, geophysical survey.

Other ROV services offered include Cathodic Protection survey, performed from a traditional work-class ROV. Please contact us to find out more about the ROV services we offer. 

Bibby HydroMap have a successful track record in AUV surveys, maximizing productivity on site.