Subsea Cable Survey and Inspection

Bibby HydroMap offers a wide range of subsea cable survey services, both pre and post-installation

Pre-Installation Survey Services

Pre-construction, we are able to provide various hydrographic and geophysical mapping techniques using high-resolution mutlibeam echosounders, side scan sonars, sub-bottom profilers and magnetometers to accurately assess the site and geological characteristics. Bibby HydroMap have significant experience in the field of UXO surveying and have performed large scale UXO surveys in various tow configurations on various UK and European sites, working with specialist UXO consultants.

Single and multichannel seismic surveying and interpretation is another core capability, detailing the geological characteristics of the site from the top 2m to hundreds of metres below seabed and identifying hazards such as shallow gas.

Geotechnical sampling using specialist marine vibrocore and CPT units can be performed from our larger offshore catamarans Bibby Athena and Bibby Tethra, or suitable charter vessels, to provide further information on site characteristics.

The company works closely with environmental consultants to provide a range of benthic sampling and analysis, inspection and habitat mapping services. In addition to drop down video and stills acquisition, we offer intrusive sampling in the form of trawling, Day and Hamon grab sampling, with samples sent to appropriately accredited laboratories for faunal analysis. Many of our personnel are trained Marine Mammal Observers (MMO) and we offer Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM).

Post-Installation Survey Services

As a leading survey contractor to the offshore renewables industry, subsea cable survey and inspection is an area of expertise for Bibby HydroMap. Cable depth of burial surveying is typicallynperformed using our remote survey platform d'ROP, uniquely designed to address the challenge of coastal cable depth of burial surveying. The d'ROP is designed initially for operation from our 24hr catamaran Bibby Athena, providing a cost-effective alternative to an offshore workclass ROV option.

d'ROP can be equipped with a range of sensors for post-installation monitoring, including a dual head subsea multibeam for highly detailed bathymetry, various acoustic and magnetic systems for cable tracking, including PanGeo Subsea's Sub Bottom Imager and the Teledyne TSS 350 and cameras for capturing video/stills. d'ROP is also equipped with all the ancilliary equipment expected, including obstacle avoidance sonar and USBL positioning. 

Deployed vertically below the vessel through the moonpool. d'ROP derives primary positioning through a combination of the vessel's DP system and the heave compensated umbilical winch and combined LARS. The unit then makes fine adjustments to its position using the four onboard thrusters. Overall, this delivers exceptional line keeping and station keeping ability allowing the system to operate at a fixed height above the seabed to maximise data quality.  

The d’ROP has been designed to offer a remotely operated survey platform capable of operating effectively and cost efficiently in dynamic marine environments, whilst accommodating various survey sensors.